Why Blogger is better for beginner?

Why Blogger.com is better for beginner ?

Guys, I know some bloggers are here they are a beginner for Blogging or don’t have any Blog. They are don’t know, What is Blogging and which platform is better for Blogging. Guys Today I’ll tell you and clear your all concerns and you will get a better idea of which platform is best for you and why blogger is better for begginer.

Beginner Thinking about Blogging:

All beginners who start Blogging Carrier first time, they thinking Blogging is effortless. But I am telling you Blogging is not easy. You need to spend a lot of time on your Blog. If you invest your valuable time in your dream Blog, then Blogging is very easy. Guys If you think Blogging is totally free for users, I’ll tell you it’s correct but you need to spend some money on custom Domains and other platforms.
Beginner always thinks ” He started a  blog and he earns 1000$ monthly, why I can’t make 1000$ per month”, Guys you are right. After creating a Blog you need to spend much more time and some money on your dream Blog, then you can earn money. I can’t say without investment you can’t earn. If you invest some money in your Blog, it will help you to earn money quickly.

Where do you start your Blogging Carrier:

All bloggers starting blogging journey from Blogger.com. If you are a beginner and want to start a blog. I highly recommend you, Start your first Blog using Blogger.com. It provides you a free domain “example.blogspot.com” and also gets a free SSL Certificate that comes preinstalled.
Blogger is simple to use. Google takes care of speed and security, you don’t worry about it. You just focus on content and promotion. Guys, I know some people want to create Blogs on wordpress.com. WordPress provides lots of plugins.
If you think to start your Blog journey using wordpress.com with a free hosting website. I say you don’t go to WordPress.com or any free hosting site. Because anyone can’t provide to you free.
 If you start your blog on a free hosting website, You can’t back up your valuable data. You’ll lose your information. If you buy hosting from the free hosting site, you need to pay a higher amount. So I request you to start your blog using Blogger.com.

Why you Start Blogging journey from Blogger.com:

Because of Blogger.com is a simple and free service provided by Google. You can get limited access but don’t worry, this is enough for you. When you utterly expert for Blogger.com, then you can buy hosting and then use the WordPress Blog.
Blogger.com through you can get one free template. If you don’t know where to get a free blogger template see some YouTube videos. Then you can find the best Blogger template for your blog.
  • Custome domain: You can easily use a custom domain (Both Free or Paid domain)
  • You can easily verify your Google search console.
  • Template: You can easily import a custom template in your Blog and create a beautiful design.
  • Adsense: You can easily open your Adsense account and put your Adsense code to blogger.
  • Social media: Without using any plugins you can share your blog to Social media.
You can get many types of features on Blogger.com. If you don’t know how to create a blog and what are the benefits of blogging, I request you to visit the below links for a complete idea.