Online teaching Vs. Offline teaching

Most of the individuals, who are thinking of learning or taking up an up-skilling course always get confused about whether to choose an online or offline learning platform. In this article, I’ll share my personal experience about online teaching and offline teaching.

The way of education changing based on the problems and needs of students. Some of them prefer doing online teaching classes and others prefer offline teaching or classroom classes. Most of the institutes delivering both types of classes for their students.

Offline classes have been the dominating medium for an extended and for an honest reason. In the present situation the entire nation facing a lockdown, there are most schools, colleges, and institutes participate in online teaching classes, and students are also joining it enormously. All this is only possible for the new platforms and popularity of the internet.

In the last 5 years, companies like Udemy, Unacademy, Stanford, Youtube, etc helped a lakh of professionals to learn top courses from the world’s best faculties at a very cheap price.

We all know every coin has two sides, So here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both online and offline teaching classes that I have personally observed.

Advantages of Online teaching

online teaching
  • The first advantage of online teaching is you can teach and learn anything, anywhere in the world without physical travel with help of the Internet.
  • The second thing is Flexibility. Teachers can choose a mutually convenient time to meet and students can learn at their own speed.
  • Faculties can make more money by teaching more students at a time.
  • The class recording is more beneficial for learners.
  • Students who feel afraid to raise their queries in the physical classroom may often feel braver when they know they can’t be seen by other members of the class.

Disadvantages of Online teaching

  • Faculties may struggle to understand the learning behavior of students.
  • Technical fault is the biggest barrier due to bad weather, irregular fault, or system error. These problems are very dangerous in online teaching. You may need to depend on the technician to fix it.
  • Students can leave the classes at any time. Some students can join at the correct time and some after that.
  • Teachers may feel lonely working from home.

Advantages of Offline teaching

There are many advantages of offline classes.

offline teaching
  • In offline teaching classes, students will understand better as compared to online classes, because they can interact with teachers easily. Here the concentration level is very high.
  • Teachers can track the learning behavior of students easily.
  • Relationship building with like-minded people, who are also in the same profession is a bonus.
  • The assurance of job security is better in offline teaching classes to compare online teaching. Teachers will get paid at the end of the month. therefore they can freely provide their knowledge to students.
  • You’ll have the physical space for sports activities and debates.

Disadvantages of Offline teaching

  • The quality of content may change with every lecture.
  • There is no time flexibility. Teachers and students will need to travel to a particular place for teaching at a specific time.
  • It is expensive compared to online teaching classes.
  • Difficult to manage the classes for jobholders.
  • If the class strength is high, it is quite difficult to manage the class.
  • In such cases, students may not like to ask questions for the fear of losing face. It does not sound good but it’s the truth.


Generally, offline teaching classes are more accepted approach to education. But there are both pros and cons to both the method of education, You need to choose any of them. Many institutions have both platforms for teaching.

In my personal opinion, In short term courses I must be go for online teaching platforms and if the courses will run for long time then offline education is best.

Choose your best platform that is well suited for your study pattern and pocket. Comment me below on your selected platform and course.