How to write an SEO friendly article on Blogger – A beginner guide

Hello Friend’s In this article, we are going to talk about how to write an SEO friendly article on blogger so that our blog search can come upon first-page ranking and we get more traffic from search engines.

how to write an SEO friendly article on blogger

Writing an SEO optimized blog post for both search engines and users is a skill and it can be improved by practice.

Many people think SEO is difficult but actually, it’s not true. There are some simple steps to make your post SEO friendly. Things like the title of the post and description, blog structure, headings, and paragraphs, are easy to fix and it plays a major role in ranking.

Most of people believe that if a blog post optimized for search engines, it is somehow less friendly for users. This is not true. The true meaning of SEO is to publish content that search engines and users both can understand.

The quality of the content is one of the most important factors for higher ranking but it not the only one. A well-optimized blog post with good quality content is more likely to rank higher in the quest, while a well-optimized blog post with less good content is less likely.

It’s the combination of good content and good SEO [including Off-page SEO], that will push a blog post on the first page of Google. 

Tips for SEO friendly blog post:

So, now that you have a better understanding or idea of what is an optimized blog post and what is not. Before hitting the publish button let’s see how to ensure, that your blog will be SEO friendly.

1. Keyword selection:

Before writing an article on a topic, you should know the topic is your main keyword. So before you write an article you will need to see how much the competition is on that keyword and also how much that keywords searches are. You have to figure out which words your audience actually searches for.


We’ll advise you to always choose the keywords of low competition so you’ll have to face less competition and you can easily rate.


2. Create the structure of the Blog post:

Start your post by creating a clear structure. Every post should have
  • Some sort of introduction for your topic
  • A body (in which is written the main message)
  • A conclusion(summarize the most important ideas)


3. Create Headings and sub-headings for your article:

After selected the keyword, you have to focus on Headings that you can use which Heading that you can use in your article.
 A well-optimized blog post always follows these rules when it comes to headings. There is only one h1 tag on the page and this is usually the same as the <title> of the post and more than two h2 and h3 tags. The post is the h1 tag and h2 is the main section and h3 is the subsection. So, the order of the tags should be  h1>>h2>> h3.

4. Keep your paragraph short:

Don’t through large paragraphs on a page and hit the publish button. Most of the people read articles on Mobile, So make it easy for them to read the content. 
Use small paragraphs [2-3 sentences long] and use the various formatting options i.e Bold, Italic, Underline to make the text awesome.


5. Image Optimization:

The search engine can’t read images so both Blogger and WordPress provide you the facility of image optimization. So that you can optimize your images.
You can optimize your image by writing the main keyword in the image and it is most important for search ranking.

image optimization


Most of the time we use a lot of images and write a single keyword in every image, it’s bad with an SEO point of view.
So you should use alternative keywords on your images, which will increase the chances of your alternative keywords and if someone searches these keywords, your article can get a chance to go to the top rank.

6. SEO Optimized permalinks:

When you create a Blog/website, then your blog/website has an address. Similarly, when you write an article, that article also has an address(URL), which is called Permalink.
Both Blogger and WordPress provide the facility of permalink optimization, So you can make your Permalink SEO friendly.
Pay attention to make your Permalink, your permalink should be small you can write as little as Permalink. It’s better for your article and doesn’t forget to enter your main keyword in your permalink.


7. SEO Optimized Description: 

When you search for something or a keyword on the internet then the result shows you on the same website with 3 choices, which include Title, Permalink, and Description. 
The description tag is a summary of the article in less than 156 characters. It has to be informative and interesting to encourage readers to click your link and visit your blog.

8. Internal links:

Internal links
If you have already written content on the same topic or related topic, don’t forget to link these posts together. It will make your blog post stronger because you show some authority on the subject.

Internal links are also important for your Google rank.  And readers may be interested in reading these related posts too.

9.Optimize the length of your article:

Always try to write a long article, your article must be at least 1000 words. Because of Google always ranks long articles.
Many times, peoples are confused with the fact that what they write in the article of 1000 words. As we mentioned earlier, use headings and sub-headings then focus on headings and sub-headings, your article automatic will be more than 1000 words and also it will rank on Google.


10. Add labels and Tags:

labels and tags
By using Labels and Tags you can easily rank your articles because you can enter your Main keyword and Target keywords.
Search bots reading your tags and show your article on the first page on Google. We will suggest you use a maximum of 3 tags or labels in your article. Because search-engine can’t be confused when you search it on google.



Before starting a new post, spend some time on keyword research and clear your mind what you write about and what you want to achieve.
Follow the guidelines explained above to Write an SEO friendly article and if you have an existing blog post that is not optimized, Go back and do necessary changes. 
Don’t lose your hope, keep publishing high-quality content and traffic will eventually flow in. Thank you!

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