How to get Google AdSense approval for a new blog in 2021

We all know that Adsense is the best-paying blogger Ad program. Peoples are also curious to know how to get Google Adsense approval for a new blog. Every blogger wants to get an approved Adsense account for their dream blog. But Google Adsense has some strict account approval policies. You have to follow this.  One of them is your blog should be six months old. But it’s not always true, and you can easily get an approved AdSense account if you’ve created a quality website. Most of the time Blogspot blogger is facing issues with Adsense.

how to get google Adsense approval

There are some simple tricks you can use to easily authorize your AdSense account for the Blogspot domain.

If you are using Blogspot then you have to buy a custom domain first or if you have both personal domains and hosting chances of Adsense approval is very high. You have to follow some basic rules to get Adsense approval.

First, ready your dream blog before applying for Adsense:

Adsense moderators also support those blogs whose specifications have been met. First of all, you should plan for this cycle for your blog. Check first if your blog takes these requirements into consideration. Now, the AdSense team has revealed some initial basic requirements, and there are some proven hacks and tricks that work.

On the official page, it’s mentioned that for countries like China and India, the domain should be a minimum of six months old. But many Indian bloggers got approval in just a 1-month-old domain. Here the only thing is “Quality” of your blog.

Let’s talk about some factor which will make your blog Adsense ready.

Blog Domain must old at least 6 months:

As I mentioned above, In some locations including India and China, Blog domains should be more than 6months old mentioned by the Adsense team.
But many Indian bloggers got approval in just 2 months old domain. Always use for applying not

Write High-Quality Content:

We all know that content is king. Write a clear well wrote, unique, and decorated article without copyright. A well-optimized blog post should be 100% unique and more than 500-600 words. So always try to write above the limit and unique content it clearly determines.

Use Meta tags and make it search engine friendly:

Use the meta title and description with your blog post. The meta tags explain to the crawler bots what the content is about and make it search engine friendly.

Blog structure:

The first structure comes with a blog design. So make sure you have a nice and attractive header, content area, sidebar, and footer, etc.

Always keep in mind visitors will like the structure of your blog. Then Adsense would definitely like it. So use any professional looking templates(free/paid).


Create some important pages:

Create some important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, term & conditions, Disclaimer etc.

A good number of contents/posts:

On each page and category, you must lead to enough content or posts. You must have at least a 15-30 blog post in total. It’s not an official declaration but I recommended that at least have it and also maintain 3-4 blog posts in each category.

Choosing content images:

Google Adsense does not approve blogs with copyrighted content. Copyrighted content means the things that have been copied from another site without their permission. Most people just go on the image directory and choose their suitable image and paste it on their blog. So don’t do that. Always choose copyright-free images.

Prohibited content:

Google Adsense does not approve blogs with copyrighted content, drug alcohol-related content, hacking cracking content, violent content, and other illegal content.


Getting the approval of Google Adsense, Visitors are not the factor. Because you can get approval depending on your blog quality. So don’t worry about visitors. But generating money, you must have enough visitors.

Don’t use other Ads:

By adding more unique original posts, keep building your blog. Never show any of the other ads from other ad networks, however. Remove them if you have any of these, and you are good to go. But be sure to remove any of the ads before applying to the Adsense.

When you follow all of the above guidelines, your AdSense application approval is most likely to go first. Even I got my Adsense approval after 12 resubmissions. Let me know if you have any specific AdSense-related questions and I’d love to answer them. If you have enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to share it with Facebook and Whatsapp.

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