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I am Kali Prasad Panda

I am a blogger and digital marketer.

For the last three years, I’m in this blogging field. In between, I learned and experienced many more things. I love to share my knowledge and experience throughout the world and always help people making blogs and websites. 

According to my educational background, I’m pursuing my MCA degree at a recognized university. I am basically from Odisha.

You will find information about technology, bloggingdeals, SEO, Education, and the latest useful news on this site.

About my blogging journey:

I started blogging in 2018 at the age of 19 years in the free platform BlogSpot. After a few months, I moved to WordPress.

I always suggested, Create your own Blog/Website. 

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It’s time to start a blog today if you are thinking about starting your career online. If you do that you have a lot of time to learn and earn. 

We are also providing services like website designing and maintenance, SEO, Professional Blog creation, Site handling, Providing approval of AdSense at a reasonable price.

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